Charlene Johnstone, Mom With Gastroparesis: ‘I’m Trying Not To Die’ (VIDEO)

22 Aug

I too have gastroparesis and it is a terribly debilitating disease. I used to try and eat 1500 calories per day to keep up my nutritional needs. Now I am down to 800 on most days and some days I can only eat 600 calories including liquid calories. It’s a very strange disease. You NEVER ever feel hunger pangs and the only way you know you need to eat is when you feel shakey from your blood sugar being so low. It’s progressive and unfortunately it’s progressing in my case. The slow motility in the stomach continues throughout the entire digestive tract including the esophagus and intestines. I figure someday I won’t be able to eat any longer but for now I’m one of the fortunate ones who can still eat something. I feel for her. Never give up. You never know what medical breakthroughs may be just around the corner. God bless!!!
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